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Articles in refereed journals 2015

  • Amaya, D., Gauthier, G., & Léautier, T.-O. 2015. Dynamic risk management: investment, capital structure, and hedging in the presence of financial frictions. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 82(2): 359-399. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Balkin, D., Roussel, P., & Werner, S. 2015. Performance Contingent Pay and Autonomy: Implications for Facilitating Extra-Role Creativity. Human Resource Management Review 25(4): 384–395. (CNRS 3, FNEGE 3, AERES B).
  • Bernard, Y., Bertrandias, L., & Elgaaied, L. 2015. Shoppers’ grocery choices in the presence of generalized eco-labelling. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 43(4/5): 448-468. (CNRS 3, FNEGE 3, AERES C).
  • Bertrandias, L., & Lapeyre, A. 2015. Les mécanismes de compensation mis en oeuvre par les consommateurs face à la baisse perçue de leur pouvoir d'achat. Revue Française de Marketing (252 ): 23-39. (CNRS NC, FNEGE 4, AERES C).
  • Biais, B., Foucault, T., & Moinas, S. 2015. Equilibrium Fast-Trading. Journal of Financial Economics, 116(2): 292–313. (CNRS1, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • Biais, B., Heider, F., & Hoerova, M. 2015. Risk-sharing or risk-taking? Counterparty-risk, incentives and margins. Journal of Finance: à paraître. (CNRS 1g, FNEGE 1*, AERES A).
  • Biais, B., Rochet, J.-C., & Wooley, P. 2015. Innovation, rents and risk. Review of Financial Studies, 28(5): 1353-1380. (CNRS 1, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • Bianchi, M., & Jehiel, P. 2015. Financial reporting and market efficiency with extrapolative investors. Journal of Economic Theory, 157: 842–878. (CNRS 1, FNEGE NC, AERES A).
  • Bisière, C., Décamps, J. P., & Lovo, S. 2015. Risk Attitude, Beliefs Updating and the Information Content of Trades: An Experiment. Management Science, 61(6): 1378-1397. (CNRS 1eg, FNEGE 1*, AERES A).
  • Bonnefon, J. F., Dahl, E., & Holtgraves, T. M. 2015. Some but not all dispreferred turn markers  help to interpret scalar terms in polite contexts. Thinking and Reasoning, 21(2): 230-249. (AERES PsyInf ErgAbs, ERIH, JCR ).
  • Bonnefon, J. F., Hopfensitz, A., & De Neys, W. 2015. Face-ism and kernels of truth in facial inferences. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19(8): 421-422. (AERES : PsyInf,ErgAbs Eth,  ERIH, JCR ).
  • Bonnefon, J. F., Hopfensitz, A., & De Neys, W. 2015. Trustworthiness perception at zero acquaintance : consensus, accuracy, and prejudice. Behavioral and Brain Sciences: à paraître. (AERES : PsyInf Eth, ERIH, JCR ).
  • Borau, S., Akremi, A. E., Elgaaied-Gambier, L., Hamdi-Kidar, L., & Ranchoux, C. 2015. L’analyse des effets de médiation modérée: Applications en marketing. Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 30(4): 95-138. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Borau, S., & Bonnefon, J. F. 2015. The advertising performance of non-ideal female models as a function of viewers' body mass index: a moderated mediation analysis of two competing affective pathways. . International Journal of Advertising. : à paraître. (CNRS 3, FNEGE 3, AERES B).
  • Boutant, J., & Verdier, M. A. 2015. Restructurations et évolution de la représentation de la performance dans le discours médiatique français. La Revue des Sciences de Gestion: à paraître. (CNRS NC, FNEGE 4, AERES NC).
  • Boutant, J., & Verdier, M. A. 2015. Les incitations à la gestion des résultats des sociétés absorbantes : le cas des fusions-absorptions françaises. Revue Française de Gestion, 41(252): 33-50. (CNRS 4, FNEGE 3, AERES C).
  • Bouvet, R., & Bonnefon, J. F. 2015. Non-reflective thinkers are predisposed to attribute supernatural causation to uncanny experiences. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41(7): 955–961. (AERES : PsyInf, ERIH, JCR ).
  • De Neys, W., Hopfensitz, A., & Bonnefon, J. F. 2015. Adolescents gradually improve at detecting trustworthiness from the facial features of unknown adults. Journal of Economic Psychology, 47: 17-22. (CNRS 3, FNEGE NC, AERES B).
  • De Vito, S., Buonocore, A., Bonnefon, J. F., & Della Sala, S. 2015. Eye movements disrupt episodic future thinking. Memory. Memory, 23(6): 796-805. (AERES : PsyInf, ErgAbs, ERIH, JCR ).
  • Declerck, F., & Lescourret, L. 2015. Dark pools et trading haute-fréquence : un développement utile ? Revue d’Economie Financière: à paraître. (CNRS 4, FNEGE 4, AERES C)
  • Dhillon, A., & Rossetto, S. 2015. Ownership structure, Voting, and Risk. Review Financial Studies, 28(2): 521-560. (CNRS 1, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • El Akremi, A., Gond, J.-P., Swaen, V., De Roeck, K., & Igalens, J. 2015. How Do Employees Perceive Corporate Responsibility? Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Corporate Stakeholder Responsibility Scale. Journal of Management (online): à paraître. (CNRS 1, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • El Akremi, A., Nasr, M. I., & Richebé, N. 2015. La socialisation des nouvelles recrues : un modèle en triple interaction entre les déterminants relationnels, organisationnels et individuels. M@n@gement, 17(5): 317-345. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2,  AERES A).
  • El Akremi, A., Perrigot, R., & Piot-Lepetit, I. 2015. Examining the Drivers for Fransised Chains Performance Through the Lens of the Dynamic Capabilities Approach. Journal of Small Business Management, 53(1): 145–165. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Fortin, M., Cojuharenco, I., Patient, D., & German, H. 2015. It's time for Justice : How time changes what we know about justice judgments and justice effects. Journal of Organizational Behavior: online. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • Fortin, M., Nadisic, T., Bell, C., Crawshaw, J., & Cropanzano, R. 2015. Beyond the particular and universal: The dependence, independence, and interdependence of context, ethics and justice. Journal of Business Ethics: à paraître. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Gagné, M., Forest, J., Vansteenkiste, M., Crevier-Braud, L., Van den Broeck, A., Aspeli, A. K., Bellerose, J., Benabou, C., Chemolli, E., Güntert, S. T., Halvari, H., Indiyastut, D. L., Johnson, P. A., Molstad, M. H., Naudin, M., Ndao, A., Olafsen, A. H., Roussel, P., Wang, Z., & Westbye, C. 2015. The Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale: Validation evidence in seven languages and nine Countries. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 24(2): 178-196. (CNRS 4, FNEGE 3, AERES C).
  • Galan, J.-P., & Vignolles, A. 2015. Twetnographie : perspectives   théoriques   et   managériales  d’un service de microblogging. Revue Française de Marketing: à paraître. (CNRS NC, FNEGE 4, AERES C).
  • Gatignon-Turnau, A.-L., & Mignonac, K. 2015. (Mis)Using employee volunteering for public relations: implications for corporate volunteers' organizational commitment. Journal of Business Research, 68(1): 7-18. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Giraud, L. 2015. L’intention de quitter l’entreprise : une approche par l’étape de carrière. Revue de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (97): 58-86. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES B).
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  • Heimann, M., Bonnefon, J. F., & Mullet, E. 2015. People's views about the acceptability of remuneration policies and executive bonuses. Journal of Business Ethics, 127(3): 661-671. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Meyer-Waarden, L. 2015. Effects of loyalty program rewards on store loyalty
  • Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services 24: 22-32. (CNRS 3, FNEGE 3, AERES B).
  • Léautier, T.-O., & Crampes, C. 2015. Demand response in adjustment markets for electricity. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 48(2): 169-193. (CNRS 2, FNEGE NC, AERES A).
  • Manville, C., El Akremi, A., Niezborala, M., & Mignonac, K. 2015. Injustice hurts, literally: The role of sleep and emotional exhaustion in the relationship between organizational justice and musculoskeletal disorders. Human Relations: à paraître. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Meyer-Waarden, L. 2015. Effects of loyalty program rewards on store loyalty
  • 3 CNRS) Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services 24: 22-32. (CNRS 3, FNEGE 3, AERES B).
  • Meyer-Waarden, L., Dawes, J., & Driesener, C. 2015. The longitudinal évolution of repeat purchase behavior in the US and UK. Journal of Business Research, 68(2): 425-432. (CNRS 2, ).
  • Mignonac, K., Vandenberghe, C., Perrigot, R., El Akremi, A., & Herrbach, O. 2015. A multi-study investigation of outcomes of franchisees’ affective commitment to their franchise organization. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 39(3): 461-488. (CNRS 1, FNEGE 1, AERES A).
  • Moinas, S., & Pouget, S. 2015. The Bubble Game: A classroom experiment. Southern Economic Journal: à paraître. (CNRS 2, FNEGE NC, AERES A).
  • Munzel, A. 2015. Attention aux faux avis ! Investigations expérimentales sur les indicateurs contextuels facilitant la détection des avis trompeurs par les internautes. Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 30(4): 25-53. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Paddock, E., Ko, J., Cropanzano, R., Bagger, J., El Akremi., A, Camerman, J. Greguras, G., Mladinic, A., Moliner, C., Nam, K., Törnblom, K., & Van den Bos, K. 2015. Voice and Culture: A Prospect Theory Approach. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 28(2): 167–175. (CNRS 3, FNEGE NC, AERES B).
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  • Vandenberghe, C., Mignonac, K., & Manville, C. 2015. When normative commitment leads to lower well-being and reduced performance. Human Relations, 68(5): 843-870. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).
  • Verdier, M. A., & Boutant, J. 2015. Les dirigeants gèrent-ils les résultats comptables avant d’annoncer une réduction d’effectifs ? Le cas des entreprises françaises cotées. Comptabilité Contrôle Audit: à paraître. (CNRS 2, FNEGE 2, AERES A).


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